I have spent the previous couple of months composing and recording the original sound track for the virtual reality game Topiary. Throughout this process, I have worked closely with the director to develop creative strategies for implementing music into the virtual world.
“Topiary Store is a meditative HTC Vive game where the player engages in topiary while independently managing a business to sell them. The main mechanic of the game is the ability to manipulate the appearance of shrubs or trees by pruning through the use of the Vive controllers.”

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Humming Birds Don’t Sing for Bees

Humming Birds Don’t Sing for Bees is an independent film that came out the Art Institute of Chicago. I worked closely alongside the director, Allison Ramirez to develop the score while the film was in early stages of production. Over the course of a few months I recorded the songs that became the complete original soundtrack.

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