Birds of North America

Birds of North America was an original play that premiered at the Wagner New Play Festival in the La Jolla Playhouse. It focused on the relationship between a father and daughter who watch birds together ever year; it used this to tell a larger story about the modern world, intimacy, and the environment.  In Spring of 2017, I worked closely with writer Anna Moench and Director Jennifer Chang, to compose the music and sound for Birds of North America.

I aimed to create a warm soundscape that invited the audience into the intimacy of the father and daughter’s relationship. It was important for me that sounds were accurately placed in space and could precisely move across the room; speakers surrounded the room, and this allowed for the sensatation of a flocks of birds to circle the audience before flying off into the distance.

The play was built entirely out of the dialogue between a father and daughter, so I decided to form the soundtrack primarily out of duets between guitars. With that being said, I didn’t want the soundtrack to become two guitars reciting monologues next to each other or one merely becoming a harmony to the other. I really wanted the melodies to form out of the interactions between the guitar parts. I spent the month of May copiously writing and recording the soundtrack, meticulously drafting the songs until they became synonymous with the emotions the writer had imagined.

Linked below is a brief write-up about Birds of North America and the complete soundtrack.

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Birch Aquariam/Scripps Institute of Oceanography

In the spring term of my sophmore year at UCSD, I got the opportunity to work on a project with the Scripps Institute of Oceanography and the Birch Aquariam;

15 Rasberry-Pi’s Forming a SuperComputer Cluster

the goal was to work with a team to build a super computer that would analyze large files of data from Scripps and develop it into various artistic and digestible forms that could be presented as an exhibit at the Birch Aquariam.

Over the course of the 10 weeks that we worked on the project, I focused on using the program Pure Data to program a flexbile synthesizer that would be able to recieve data from text and csv files and use that to produce musical notes and alter various
parameters. After many iterations, I eventually settled on one that would run through a set progression of 5-note chords, and the first field of data would determine which of those five notes were going to be played or if none of them were. Another field of the data controlled which of the speakers the note would come out of.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 1.40.51 PM
This Pure Data patch deals with cycling through chords and organizing which notes are played

Attached below is a brief example of the sound.

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WinterWorks is a collection of dance pieces from three esteemed choreographers, which I was a co-sound designer of. The first piece silent/ song by Yolanda Snaith is a beautifully delicate yet hazy dance performance evoking themes of nostalgia, disorientation, and isolation. It’s sound design incorporated ambient sounds, strange nosies, and Schoenberg piano pieces and Operas.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 7.04.04 PMReal Gone is a very free dance piece that echoes the lyrics of Tom Waits. It had the sparsest sound design of all of the pieces and included field recordings previously gathered by the director, Liam Clancy.

The final piece, un-tongued, is a politically charged dance piece that passionately protests against oppression in the modern era. It expresses these ideas through evocative sound design and emotional visuals, including a continuously dripping bag of red rice


It juxtaposes its sublime visuals with the sounds of latin percussion, sirens, and ominous synthesizers . Creating the sound was a very collaborative process that involved a lot of back on forth drafting to adapt and compliment all of the components of this piece; however it is through all of these interwoven creative components that it is able to drive home such a plea for drastic change and freedom.
Included below is a brief write up about the performance.

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