WinterWorks is a collection of dance pieces from three esteemed choreographers, which I was a co-sound designer of. The first piece silent/ song by Yolanda Snaith is a beautifully delicate yet hazy dance performance evoking themes of nostalgia, disorientation, and isolation. It’s sound design incorporated ambient sounds, strange nosies, and Schoenberg piano pieces and Operas.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 7.04.04 PMReal Gone is a very free dance piece that echoes the lyrics of Tom Waits. It had the sparsest sound design of all of the pieces and included field recordings previously gathered by the director, Liam Clancy.

The final piece, un-tongued, is a politically charged dance piece that passionately protests against oppression in the modern era. It expresses these ideas through evocative sound design and emotional visuals, including a continuously dripping bag of red rice


It juxtaposes its sublime visuals with the sounds of latin percussion, sirens, and ominous synthesizers . Creating the sound was a very collaborative process that involved a lot of back on forth drafting to adapt and compliment all of the components of this piece; however it is through all of these interwoven creative components that it is able to drive home such a plea for drastic change and freedom.
Included below is a brief write up about the performance.


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